Google launches new Add-Ons for Docs & Spreadsheets

We regularly use Google Docs & Spreadsheets to create notes or write articles or even create lists and often rely on external tools.

To make our work easier, Google tied up with developer partners to develop add-ons -tools that give you more features in your documents and spreadsheets. A few of them include Merge from MailChimp, EasyBib from Imagine easy, Workflows and many more..

Check out the video below which gives the step by step process of how to use add-ons.

To browse through Add-ons, you need click on Add-ons, then select Get Add-ons and then it open a window with list of apps currently available. All you need to do is, to install any app and it will automatically appear across all docs and sheets.

Here are few apps we installed and used –

Merge by MailChimp
With Merge you can send customized emails from Google Docs. You can use merge tags to pull info from spreadsheet into document [see image]. Once data is merged, hit send and your custom emails will be delivered.

Merge by MailChimp

Merge by MailChimp

EasyBib by imagine easy.
It helps you cite books, journals, and websites in MLA, APA, and Chicago style by entering in titles, journal article names, and websites right inside your document.

EasyBib by imagine easy

EasyBib by imagine easy

Many more apps to look forward, there are various categories to choose from like Business Tools, Education, Social & Communication and more..

Download and use any of add-ons and tell us how it helped you by using tag #gaddons or tweet to us @hotcorenet.

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