PrioVR, a PC Gaming Suit Video Controller unveiled by YEI at CES 2014

An interesting piece of engineering, something little away from usual smartphones, tablets, cameras, tv is the PrioVR, the full-body wearable PC gaming suitĀ unveiled at CES 2014, similar to Wii or Microsot Kinect controller.

The good advantage of this, is that its a wearable suit like jacket, with both hand controls around your arms for hand movements, head band for spanning or looking around and jacket that controls your body movements, like you can roll on floor or just stand up.

PrioVR changes the game by bringing you and your movements into virtual environments where you can see your body move as you move, manipulate items as if they were right in front of you, and interact with the virtual world as naturally as you would with the real world.

PrioVR Gaming Suit with Oculus Rift

PrioVR Gaming Suit with Oculus Rift

At YEI, currently they offer next-generation inertial sensor solutions that provide real-time tracking, movement, and orientation data for the medical, entertainment, industrial, and military/aerospace industries. They have already developed a similar inertial motion capture system based upon our wireless 3-Space Sensors.

Each PrioVR sensor unit will contain a 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer, a 3-axis magnetometer, and a high-performance microcontroller that performs the complex task of fusing the raw sensor outputs into a highly accurate orientation estimate.

Kick your way with PrioVR Gaming Suit

Kick your way with PrioVR Gaming Suit

Donning the PrioVR suit and getting up and running takes only minutes. There are no complicated calibration or setup procedures. Simply put on the suit, stand still while the suit is zeroed, and you’re ready to go.

The effective range of the wireless system is expected to be an impressing 30-40 meters (100-130 feet). Additionally, multiple communication base stations can be used to achieve a virtually unlimited capture space.

The battery life is expected to be between 8 and 10 hours. The system will support external battery-life extenders like those used for cell-phones, as well as connection for an external power-source that will allow continuous tethered use while the system is charging.

So overall amazing stuff, hope this technology is available to all countries.

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